Damon, Main, USA Research, Math, 6 pages, 48 hours, Junior

I didn’t believe that you guys could finish a 1500 word paper on a complex topic in less than two days. But, sure enough, you guys did it. Consider me a true believer. And I'd like to wish you all best in what you're doing for the kids like myself!

Rodney, Missouri, USA Resume, Business, 3 pages, 2 days

Four months spent looking for a new job using my old resume yielded no results. You guys redesign it, and I can’t believe the number of callbacks I’m getting!

Elliot, New York, USA Blog, Marketing, 7 pages, 4 days, Business

I truly didn’t think that my business needed a blog, but my marketing director did. She was right. After we partnered with Ghost Professors, web traffic jumped by 17% in 6 weeks

Jeff, Nova Scotia, CA Term paper, History, 10 pages, 48 hours, Sophomore

Thanks guys, the term paper turned out even better than I had hoped. You have a loyal customer from this point forward.

Bo, Virginia, USA Essay, Personal Statement, 1 page, 12 hours, Senior

Thanks for the help with my personal statement. I got in! Could not have wished for a better essay!

Michelle, Iowa, USA Website Review, Health, 2 pages, 12 hours, Junior

Thanks to your website review, my business website is now fully functional and efficient.

John, Florida, USA Essay, Admission, 1 page, 12 hours, Freshmen

I was really stuck on my admissions essay. I had no idea what to say. Fortunately, my writer came to the rescue, and wrote an admissions essay that played a huge role in getting me into my 1st choice school.

Ian, Minnesota, USA Resume, Business, 2 pages, 5 days

Thank you so much for writing my resume for me. You took my limited job history, and really worked some miracles. I am grateful to say that I start on Monday. Many blessings.

Lawrence, Louisiana, USA Press Release, Business, 3 pages, 24 hours

My company was in a difficult situation that needed to be handled with sensitivity. Your writers helped us write a press release did just that. We are forever grateful.

Ellen, Oregon, USA Dissertation, Education, 55 page, 14 days, Ph.D.

I’m so grateful for the help with my dissertation. Everyone I dealt with in the past months went above and beyond to help me through this process.

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For Students

With the start of the new school year students need tools that will make their academic path smooth. Knowing that they have so many tools to choose from makes our company, Ghost Professors, work hard to get and keep their business.

We will develop a portfolio at the time you sign with us, complete with who you are and what your academic needs consist of. We value your time and your business and do not want our customers having to start over with an application process each time they visit our site.

You can start using our paper assistance in high school and stay with us all the way through your Ph.D. or professional graduate program – how great is that and how is that possible?

Our Writers: We have a fully developed and ever-increasing staff of writers. Most have been teachers and/or essay professors themselves, and love to write high school essays for English while keeping current in their field of education with its ever changing technologies.

There used to be a time when you had to wait several years for a new book to appear to update your knowledge base. Today, technology has made it possible for our writers to be educated with the latest tools so that whatever our customers need we are prepared to deliver.

Our Guarantees: No matter what a student may need we will always produce only original content and only use authentic resource materials. We pride ourselves on the papers ordered being custom made to the students learning outcomes. Plagiarism is never a concern at GhostProfessors.com.

Comprehensive Means Just That. We can provide essay help, but our services are much more far-reaching than that! Here you will find curricular specialists who can produce:

Term and research paper help: If you are a student who takes more than the required classes to meet a full schedule, (scholarships often require students to take a full course load), you may be met with two to three papers from your classes at the same time. Ghost Professors are here to help

As soon as you get your syllabus, contact us with the particulars and our staff or writers will be ready to get to work.

Book and movie reviews: You blog is not complete without the latest reviews of what your readers want to hear. Today’s blog readers are moving fast, and if they don’t see what is new and interesting when they land on your page, the next one is just a click away.

Working with our reviewers will keep you blog hot with the best titles to draw in your fans. We work with writers that are skilled in the best SEO (Site Engine Optimization) practices so that your site will be seen in a sea of blogs as a big wave, and not a speck of sand.

Reaction and analytical essay papers: It is one thing to write a paper, but it is another to write it well according to what the specifics are in the professor’s assignment. Our writers are educated and versed in all of the disciplines of writing. They produce for you the quality to get the grades that will get you your degree. We work close to our customers at every step of the process with unlimited do-overs.

Lab reports and scientific research projects: As tedious as these types of projects can be, they are easy for us. We are staffed with some of the best scientific minds in our industry. Based on your criteria, we will develop a comprehensive set of ideas that you can choose from to get your science project rolling along.

As with all of our other products, you will have someone to help you throughout the process. You will not be left in the lurch. We suggest that as you work on any science project you keep an open communication with you professor and the writer we assign to you so that you are producing a quality product that is flowing with the right information.

Math problem sets, modeling and optimization projects, problem research: We are equipped with the latest technology that gets these types of jobs done, and fast. With the information provided, our professionals will gather the research that you need to go along with what you have submitted in a timely manner. You will receive directions on how and when to submit your end of the research product and what we can do fulfill your needs.

Case studies in any field: Our team is diverse across the globe. With that in mind do not worry about what we can fulfill, leave that to us, we have what you need a any academic level, and professionals that have written about law, science, math, you name it we have done it. Papers ordered are sent to the appropriate division and they work on it till it meets our customer’s approval.

Research proposals and summaries: From the beginning of your assignment to the end, we are ready to produce. Sometimes the hardest part is getting the first word down. Our professionals know what a student needs in a proposal and how it should be structured. They know the development of paragraphs is important to good summaries and will make sure that the flow is done point by point to give your professor what he requires.

Theses and dissertations: Scary names to say the least. There are those that have spent years on their Theses and Dissertations, and with good reason. These papers will be accepted by academic panels or rejected. Those that sit on these panels are some of the most intelligent in their field, and they do not want anyone slipping by to dirty up their part of academia. We will make sure that you pass with flying colors, our guarantee is on it.

For Business, Career Professionals, and

GhostProfessors.com has departments for all types of business essay writing needs. Your only requirement is to give us the details – we do all the rest. We know how it is when a company is starting out, or may be transitioning into other areas of the corporate world. When this occurs, there comes a point when you have to go beyond your regular sources and get professional services.

Reports, white papers, manuals, e-guides? – These are needed so much so today that companies have them available online in case customers lose them.

Resumes, CV’s, cover letters? – You don’t want to develop these important documents on your own unless you are a professional. Your resume is not intended to get you a job. It actually gets you in the door to the interview; therefore, you want someone to create the best first impression possible.

Grant or Business Proposals? Go to search and type in “business proposal: samples”, do the same for ‘grants’, look at a sample of one of these documents. Upstarts are surprised at how daunting these documents can be, but we will pull from your sources what is needed to develop the best laid plan possible.

Website design and/or review? – If you majoring in Graphic Design, and spend hours on a project, don’t turn it in without a professional review by our tech team. We will give you a comprehensive once over so that you don’t spend time going back to the drawing board to meet your professor’s qualifications for your grade.

A “killer” business blog? – In today’s technological world, the blog that is developed for your business is like your business card. It represents you before your client even knows your name. Make sure you use a writing service that knows the ins and outs of SEO (search engine optimization) so that your customers keep coming back.

Our designers, content writers, and journalists are second-to-none in this business of providing single products or complete strategical plans. To simply put it, our writers are in the business of writing.

Customization – It’s the Way We “Roll”

A professional essay writing service that intends to meet individual customer needs cannot fulfill this mission without policies and practices in place that guarantee customization for its clients. You want essay writing that is created uniquely for you, and that is exactly what we produce.

Communication – It Provides Transparency and Accuracy

Without communication, we cannot serve you well. Gone are you worries over trying to get in contact with those that you are paying to get the job done. When ordering student papers no matter when you need us we are here through the entire process.

Communication must work both ways. If we have a question or issue, we will contact you personally. If you have communication needs, we are available when questions arise.

We know we have exactly what you are looking for in an expert essay writing service. You will know this too as soon as you receive your first written piece from us!

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