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Get 15% discount: just use code GHP15OFF
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Re-writing Services

Have you ever been told that you need to “re-write an assignment”? Has it left you feeling frustrated and perhaps a bit hopeless? Were you constantly reading it over, trying to find where you went wrong with no luck? You're not alone, and we can help you in fixing the mistakes that you can't find with our rewrite services. Here at Ghost Professors we encourage you to not give into those negative feelings, and to send the document you need to rewrite over to us.

Rewriting is something that many people dread. It's tedious, it's difficult from time to time, and overall becomes very frustrating. At GhostProfessors however we hear these two reasons the most often:

  • You have written a piece of writing such as a book review or something more difficult like a research paper, and it has been handed back to you. There are many reasons to this, but the most common seems to usually be too many errors, or you did not follow the instructions that were given such as:
    • You did not cite your sources the way the instructions told you to
    • Your research summary may not have had the required number of sources
  • You have completed the rough draft on your term paper, or perhaps an essay and it must be rewritten and edited for its final form.

I can't find the time for rewriting!

This is a common issue, you may be assigned to rewrite, let's say, a movie review, but also to this you must also rewrite an article, case study, and annotated bibliography! If that isn't bad enough, they are all due within the next two or three days. Unfortunately, the onslaught of coursework from time to time can never seem to end, and it's just hard to fit all of this rewriting into your busy schedule.

I'm trying to write my thesis, but my advisor keeps insisting on me rewriting it

It must be very frustrating for you to work hard on a section of your thesis or even a chapter of a dissertation, only to end up having the advisor who reviewed it insist that bits and pieces of it be rewritten.

Here at we can help you! Is the idea of rewriting making you want to rip your hair out? Send us those rough drafts from the case study and lab reports rough drafts, to those reaction papers and article critiques that may have been rejected and returned to you for a re-write. Here at Ghost professors we have lots of excellent writers who specialize in all fields of subjects. They will help you in accomplishing those re-writes as easily and quickly as possible. All for a reasonable price!

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