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Dissertation Part- Literature Review

While you have a pretty clear idea of the type of literature you want to review for Chapter 2 of your dissertation, actually sorting through all of the potential pieces of research that you will find through a search on ProQuest will be daunting and can take weeks of your time. You will begin by reading through abstracts of research that relates to yours, and you will then access the full projects. You will read through the research questions, the methodologies and the results, only to discover that the piece is not a good enough “fit” for your research question. This is the first frustrating part of the literature review. The second part is then taking all of the research that you actually intend to use and organizing it into a scholarly summary that will successfully inform the research that you will be conducting.

Streamlining the Process

You may not have the ability to streamline this whole process, but does. Once you place an order with us for a literature review, and provide all of the details, we will find a Ph.D. researcher in your discipline who will go to work immediately. Here is what we will need from you:

  • Your research question
  • Your research proposal

With these two pieces in hand, your personal researcher will access ProQuest and locate the perfect literature for your review. He/she may turn that research over to you at that point, or, if you wish, prepare the entire literature review chapter for you. The great benefit of using a seasoned researcher is that s/he most likely is very familiar with the research that relates to your research and can locate and access it far more quickly than you can.

Get Smart – Obtain the Great Help You Need

The literature review is heavily focused on hours of reading and study. If someone else can do this for you and provide you with a great review that you can then study, how much time has been saved? The answer, of course, is a great deal!

You have more important tasks related to your dissertation. You are trying to develop a research design and instruments for the next chapters, so that you can really get into the “meat” of your study. Having someone else create that literature review chapter is a great idea!

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