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Case Studies Analysis

Writing a Case Study Analysis

Writing a case study analysis is a task that is assigned to many graduate students. Business students, social science students, and students majoring in education are virtually guaranteed to receive at least one of these assignments before they graduate. A case study is simply a real world example, or case, that is examined by a student or team of students. In some cases, the student simply researched the case and the effectiveness of the solution that was applied. This is often true of business students who may be analyzing business cases over which they have no real world control. In other cases, the student may be performing a case study over a subject that they have worked with personally. In any case, the parts of the case study analysis are all fairly similar. The subject is introduced along with the problem being studied. The analysis will describe in detail solutions that were applied, any difficulties in conducting the case study, the success of the applied solution, and more.

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