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Dissertation Part - Methodology

Dissertation Chapter – Methodology

Our methodology chapter serves three purposes:

  • You must very clearly explain your research design, present any instruments you used, and point out possible constraints as the study was implemented
  • You must justify the use of your specific methodology for the data that you needed to gather
  • You must present the raw data that you gathered in clear prose and graphics.

Some Hurdles You May Have to “Clear”

  • Even with the very best instruments, it is quite possible that you will gather some data that is irrelevant to your study. You should not report this data.
  • You may have an issue with data gathered that might be incomplete or ambiguous. (e.g., a question in one of your instruments might have been mis-interpreted by some of the participants). This must be reported as a constraint, and you will also need to address it in your discussion/conclusion, in the form of a recommendation for a future researcher to refine.

Your raw data will be presented in two ways. You will need a strong prose section that very clearly details that data. As well, you will need to devise the appropriate charts, graphs, etc. that will present your raw data visually. These two presentation require different skill sets on your part, and if you are uncomfortable with either or both, then you need to seek help – has that help for you, in the form of a Ph.D. in your discipline who can review your methodology and your data, and create the perfect prose and visual representations.

Help in a Few Easy Steps

  • Complete an order form and upload all of your documents and data, or speak to one of our customer support reps personally
  • Wait a short time while we locate and assign your Ph.D. specialist
  • Use your on-site account page to discuss the details with your specialist
  • Wait while your specialist produces the perfect presentations
  • Download the final product, review it, ask for any changes, and give final approval

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