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Academic Paper Writing

You cannot avoid them – you will have academic writing assignments in almost every course you take. These may include essays, book reviews, research papers, case studies, lab reports, and analyses. Some you will want to do yourself because they are in your major field of study or because you have a high level of interest in the topic. Others, however, you will really want to avoid, because you hate the topic options, are only taking the course because it is required, or because you are just plain out of time to get everything done.


Don’t Worry! You can Always Count on Ghost Professors

If you have academic writing assignments that you just can’t or don’t want to do, why not just turn them over to a great paper writing service? We have qualified researchers and writers in all academic study fields, most of whom have graduate degrees in their specialties. They are stellar researchers and writers and can have a writing assignment back to you in no time! You can focus on the assignments you want to do knowing that you are in the best of hands with the best paper writing service on the internet.


Behind the Scenes at Ghost Professors

There is a lot happening: using our paper writing services – our team and operations. Everyday our writers work hard at writing a paper for each of our customers that exceeds their expectations. Of course, it isn’t just our writers who help keep our customers happy. We have a whole team of people hard at work to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ll start with our customer service representatives. These are the first people many of our customers have contact with, and we like to view them as the ambassadors of our company. Their job is to answer questions, provide information, solve problems, assist customers in navigating our website, helping customers place orders, helping with technical problems, and most of all making our customers who need help with writing papers, feel welcomed. Of course, as previously mentioned, the next group of people who help us provide top notch academic writing services are our writers. Our writers don’t pursue this career because they are simply interested in writing papers for money, they are really passionate about academics, especially their chosen fields of study. Finally, there is a group of team members who do not get the recognition and credit that they deserve. These are our quality assurance team members. They carefully review every document we write to make sure that it is perfect. This includes a spelling and grammar error check, an originality check, and finally a check to ensure that your directives have been followed.


Use Only the Best Custom Academic Content

We are not the only academic document provider, but we are the best. How can we make that claim? Because we are truly a provider of custom writing paper service. This means that our professional writers compose each research paper, term paper, essay, book report, etc. from scratch, just for you. We will never select a paper that has already been written for another person and resell that document to you. Unfortunately, many of our competitors will do just that. The end result for customers that use these services are mediocre papers that don’t quite meet their requirements, and a high risk of being accused of academic dishonesty. Wouldn’t you rather spend a little more money on customized content that you can turn into your professor with confidence.


Here’s What You Do

Fill out the online order form on our site; get an immediate price quote; submit the order along with the following information:

  • The specific type of academic document you require and the topic
  • Information about the font we should use, the length of the paper, margin size, etc.
  • The citation format you would like your writer to use (if you do not specify differently, we will use the spacing and font standards for your chosen citation format)
  • Link or upload any relevant reference materials


We will then find the perfect writer for the task and turn it over to him/her. You go back to the rest of your life, and we will notify you when your piece of writing is finished. Please make sure that your contact information is up to date and that you log into your account at least once every day. This is how you will download your final product. It is also how you can check for status updates and answer any questions your writer has about your assignment. When your document is complete, you may look at it, ask for revisions if you want, download it in your preferred format, and you are ready to go!


Academic Writing Services Provided in Confidence with Respect for Your Security and Privacy

When you honor us by using our academic writing services, we will do everything to make your experience as our customer perfect. This includes respecting your privacy and your personal information. First of all, we understand that you need our discretion. Don’t worry. Nobody else will be aware of our business transactions. In fact, even the charge that appears on your credit card statement will give no indication that you have purchased writing services from Ghost Professors. Next, we respect your personal information. Your name, address, phone number, email address, and any other identifying information is safe with us. We will never provide that information to anybody else. Finally, if you conduct business with us, your payment information is perfectly secure. We ensure this by using a third party payment processor who uses advanced ssl technology.


Let’s summarize, when you use our academic writing services you get quality writing, originality, speed, great customer service, and respect for your privacy. You also have the use of our sleekly designed and easy to use website. Finally, we back all of the claims that we make by offering free revisions on all documents until you are completely satisfied. We’d love to have you as a customer, so why not place your order today? 


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