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Get 15% discount: just use code GHP15OFF
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CV Editing by Professional

Professional CV Editing

How long has it been since you have updated your CV, a year, perhaps two? Is the response you are getting on it still as well received as they used to be? If you had to think about either of these two questions, then it might be a good time to start looking into professional CV editing. Here at, we can help you by providing the CV editing expertise you need.

Remember this: CV editing is not optional!

CV designs and constructions have changed; language and style have changed. If you are simply adding more experience, etc. to the tired old CV that you have used for years, then you are not going to command a second look when it is received by a decision-maker. You need a design and language style that will compel a reader to continue to read!

The other issue you may face is this: You may need to have several versions of your CV, based upon the types of positions for which you are applying and, as well, based upon the specifics of the organizations to which you will be sending it. Just as people have several versions of their resumes, so you, too, must personalize yours for each opportunity.

Getting Professional Help is Just Smart

You are a researcher, an educator, or in a leadership position with an organization. You are not a CV writer with the skills and expertise to create one that is compelling and engaging. At, we have an entire department comprised of professionals who write resumes and CV’s for a living. With their expertise, they can take your old CV and any new information you have and weave all of that into a beautifully appointed, scholarly piece that will present you in an exceptional way.

Get in touch with us right now, and let us get to work on creating your new CV – it’s time for a real makeover!

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