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Get 15% discount: just use code GHP15OFF
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Writing Product Reviews


One sign that you have become a successful company is that people begin talking about your products on the internet. In many cases, this happens on websites where product reviews are posted by consumers. Now here’s the bad news. The discussion isn’t always positive. After all, people tend to give feedback when they are upset, and the anonymous nature of the internet can make many people write with more vitriol than is called for. Of course, you want to balance out these negative reviews with some truthful, positive ones, don’t you? If you do, please do not attempt to write your own reviews, or to reply to reviews other people have written. Instead, consider using Ghost Professors’ product review services.

A Positive Spin on Your Product

We will write and strategically publish reviews for your products that are positive, truthful, and informative. These reviews will act as a counter to balance negative reviews. We will post these reviews on any website open to reviews written by members of the public. If your web page also contains a page for feedback, we will also happily post reviews there. The goal of these reviews is always to turn conversation about your products towards the positive and away from the negative.

Why not Start Today?

Sadly, negative reviews, regardless of truth, can have a negative impact on sales. Don’t let that happen. Place an order today, or speak with one of our agents. We can help make sure that there are always positive reviews about your product.

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