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Writing Research Summary

Being selected to participate in an important research project is a great honor. If you have been selected do so, you should definitely feel proud of yourself. You’ll be doing important work that could have long lasting impact. A research project involves working with interesting data, interviewing subjects, doing background research, and conducting experiments. Depending on your field of study, you may even have the chance to do field research. Of course, will all of the interesting work you will be able to do, there are several written elements that are part of a research study. One of the most important is the research summary.

The research summary is essentially the selling point of your project. It communicates to lay people, your department head, your instructor, your peers, and future researchers, the importance of the work you have done, and the importance of continuing that work.

Help with Writing Summaries

Unfortunately, being adept at conducting research and performing experiments is no guarantee that you will be able to easily write your summary. Many advanced students find it difficult to write so that lay people understand what they are communicating. This is where Ghost Professors comes in. Our writers can help you transform facts, figures, and results into a summary that is readable to all audiences. Your summary will include all of the necessary information about your methodologies, information in your appendices, results and recommendations, and information for future researchers.

We’re ready. Are you?

You are a skilled and dedicated researcher. We are a company full of talented writers. Let us help you write a great research summary to go along with your worthwhile research project.

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