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Dissertation Part - Abstract

The Dissertation Abstract – Reducing it all to One Page

Your abstract is a one-page summation of well over a year’s worth of work, and it must incorporate the following:

  • A concise statement of the research question
  • A short explanation of the research methods and the results of that research
  • Comments on any issues that might have impacted the efficacy of your study and recommendations for future related research

If you have not had experience composing very short summaries of major research works, you may have some significant difficulty preparing your abstract. And it should be done well, because future researchers will be reading it in order to determine if your dissertation is important to review for their own studies. Unless the abstract is clear and carefully written, it may be overlooked and/or discarded as not relevant.

Students often state that they write multiple versions of their abstracts and are still not satisfied. This seemingly small task can thus drag on for days.

A Simple Solution

Why not place an order for your abstract with, upload the work that you have done so far, and let one of our expert abstract writers prepare it for you. We have Ph.D.’s who, with long and wide experience in writing abstracts, are always happy to prepare abstracts for a reasonable cost.

When you place your order, we will assign a Ph.D. in your discipline. That individual will take your information, contact you if additional information is needed, possibly ask for some pieces from your dissertation, and prepare an abstract that will succinctly and successfully summarize the great work you have done in a way that entices others to dig deeper into your work.

Your dissertation is finished. You are ready to graduate. Don’t let this one last task hold you up!

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