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Dissertation Part - Results

Dissertation Chapter – Results

Your dissertation results chapter demonstrates the validity and purposefulness of your research. This is the point at which you get to show that your study has value in that it contributes to your field. It will require a skill set that includes mathematical statistics, composition, and graphic design. Because most doctoral students do not have this combination of skills at a level appropriate for a dissertation, they will seek help in one or more areas. They know that this chapter is the “all important” one as far as their committees are concerned, and that it will be the one most critically studied by them.

Make it Shine

Your ideal mentor and assistance for this chapter is at If you are comfortable with your prose write-up but need help with the statistical work-up or the graphics, we have individuals with those specific skills. If you need help with the prose presentation, we will set you up with a Ph.D. writer from your field to handle that. In short, we are equipped to give you whatever type of help you need for a reasonable cost. And the results will be stunning – you will be proud to have your committee scrutinize your results chapter.

Getting Your Customized Assistance

You need only contact us by phone, chat or emails, or, if you are ready, place your order, describing in detail what you need. Of course, you will need to upload your methodology chapter, so that the raw data is available for analysis and so that your Ph.D. mentor understands exactly what you did and how you did it. If you have been with us since the beginning of your project, you are already I communication with your specialist, but, if not, we want you to know that you will work directly with whomever we assign to your chapter.

Many students prepare a rough copy of their results chapter and submit it for review and edit. This is an excellent idea as well.

Don’t delay or struggle through all of these required skills yourself. is here for whatever you may need!

n “crunch” yours too!

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