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Get 15% discount: just use code GHP15OFF
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Editing is a Tiresome but Necessary Process

When a writer attempts to edit his or her own research paper, reaction paper, or book review, they miss important problems. This is because writers see what they are trying to communicate, not necessarily what they are actually communicating. In other words, they miss confusing passages, wordiness, inadvertent misuse of words, and even inconsistencies. They also miss technical errors such as grammar problems, sentence structure issues, and poor phrasing. These are all things that your instructor will count against you. Even more complex coursework assignments can benefit from the review of an impartial editor.


Don’t Risk having your Grade Shaved!

What is grade shaving? Every time you complete a writing assignment such as a book report, or movie review, your grade is going to be based, for the most part, on the accuracy of your content. However, there are other items that factor into your final grade. These are items such as punctuation and awkward sentences that your instructor might use to ‘shave’ points off of your grade. This shaving doesn’t only happen with major assignments. Professors can also shave points off of annotated bibliographies and other assignment additions. In the end, grade shaving can reduce your overall grade more than you realize.


You have written it, now let us edit it. Ghost Professor’s staff members will review any written work for errors. Not only that, we will fix those errors for you, guaranteeing that you will have an excellent paper to turn in to your instructor. It’s so easy that you can complete the order form and upload your paper to us in just a few minutes.


Editing Small Assignments

There are many writing assignments that are no longer than a page long. One of these is the article critique. We are happy to edit papers of any size.


Editing for Advanced Students

Are you looking for editing services? If you are, we have very experienced editors who can help you with your:

  • Thesis or dissertation
  • Lab Report
  • Case Study
  • Research Summary
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