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Get 15% discount: just use code GHP15OFF
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Help with Proof Finding

Finding Proof!

If you are majoring in math, you know that you will have 4, possibly 5, geometry courses – Euclidian, spherical, hyperbolic, elliptic, and fractal. Each of them covers a different geometric field of study but all have one thing in common – finding those proofs! These activities require engaging your right brain, so you can “see” the steps involved, as well as some good deductive reasoning to place all of the steps in the right order. Proofs at this level are lengthy and complex, and just one proof problem can consume hours of your time and certain try your patience.

When It’s Late and You are Still Working on a Proof

Your friends are either sleeping or out enjoying a beer. You are stuck in your room still working on a proof – not your idea of a fun night! And maybe you have other coursework assignments that you have neglected as well. Perhaps it’s time you call in some reinforcements. That can come from quit quickly.

Getting a Geometry Expert Quickly

You can call our customer service desk, send an email, message us, or just fill out the order form on the site. We will have your geometry expert ready to go to work right away. You’ll immediately be given a personal account, and you can upload the proof problem directly to your specialist via that account, and, as well, engage him/her in any necessary discussion. Because your expert has a graduate degree and because s/he has all of the geometry courses possible, s/he will have the proof completed very quickly and at a very reasonable cost. Feel free to ask any questions about any of the steps of the proof – they’ll be fully explained.

Place your order, get your solution, close up your book, and go have a beer with your friends.

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