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Article Critique Writing

Assistance with Article Critique Writing

Some writing assignments involve improving writing skills through the analysis of other written works. This is the case with assignments involving writing article critiques. However, an article critique has other purposes. It is a way to provide valuable feedback to the author, and it can help others to determine whether or not a particular article will have merit for them. Before you begin writing a critique, you must define the standards by which you will be critiquing the article. These may include:

  • Whether or not the article is currently relevant
  • The reliability of the resources used
  • The effectiveness of the author’s method of conveying ideas
  • The factual accuracy of the article
  • Whether or not new ground has been broken in the article
  • The usefulness of the article to the target audience
  • Flaws in research or analysis

Once you have your criteria in place, you can write your critique with credibility, because your readers will know your expectations. Now, you are able to begin working on your article critique. Make sure you have a pen and lots of paper. You will need them for all of the notes you will be taking. After all, critical writing requires critical reading.

Are you Ready for Help?

Writing an article critique is a tall order. It requires analytical reading and a lot of time. If you would like help with this assignment, please know that we are here to provide just that help to you. When you hire Ghost Professors to write your article critique, you will enjoy extra free time, and an excellent grade.

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