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Health Informatics

IT Project Management

            IT project management has been ascertained to be an effective strategy for improving organization performance. Company managers have the desire to have it implemented, but there are various concerns that remain a challenge (Ireland, 2012). Among the concerns is the fact that there are projects which have been developed by the project management office (PMO). Only 64% of the projects have been found to meet organizational goals, and this becomes a challenge for company managers. Attaining company goals up to 100% should be the primary objective of helping the company to grow (Flinn, 2010).


IT Project Success

            A value driven approach entails turning fine ideas into solutions that are deliverable in an organization (Schwalbe, 2013). IT development and implementation is an idea that helps improve organization performance (Camilleri, 2011). For this reason, if an organization operates under the value driven approach and introduces IT project in the company, there will be a success. In this case, a value-driven approach improves the likelihood of IT project success (Marchewka, 2012).



            Ethical leadership qualities entail the management undertaking procedures by following the guidelines provided by an institution, whereas unethical leadership qualities entails management undertaking procedures disregarding provided laws of an institution (Reilly, 2012). For instance, ethical leadership is the condition where an employee attending to a client will do so according to the guidelines despite the fact that some of the activities may be against the employees’ cultural practices. If the employee will only offer the client what is acceptable based on his culture and traditional practices, then the practice is considered unethical.


Discussion Case Scenario

            In the case scenario provided, I would discuss with the CIO about outsourcing only some of the tasks to keep other programmers at work. The process of ethical decision-making entails clarifying goals after thinking (DuBrin, 2015). Since the aim may be to improve organization performance, it would be helpful to outsource the tasks. However, considering the fact that these tasks are undertaken outside the organization, it might create a negative influence on the organization. Employees who will have lost jobs will also be affected, and not all individuals will be happy about my actions (Iphofen, 2011). 

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