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January 30, 2016 - Posted to Study
15 Brilliant Term Paper Ideas for College

15 Ideas for College Term Paper

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with good term paper ideas. A college term paper is worth a lot of credit, and can easily make or break your semester. If you would like even more help with writing your term paper outline, then visit our term papers writing guide for more information on how to write it. Some say that coming up with good term paper topics is one of the hardest parts of the creative process. Many want to have a unique topic. However, when one tries to be unique, there is very little research done on the subject, which makes studying it difficult. On the other hand, when one chooses among any popular term paper topics, it is more than likely that some in the class will have the same ideas for college essays. Remember that you can always enjoy custom term papers online with Ghost Professors. On the other hand, fortunately, we have found some of the best topics for a term paper are questions or ideas that are frequently explored, but are not easy to talk about. Here are just fifteen of those topics.


With adoption, there are also many issues people have that connect with it. Why should adoptions be encouraged? Should certain people be exempted from adopting? Are there certain types of adoption that should be promoted over others? Above all, how does adoption affect the lives of those around us?

Death and Dying

Despite the fact that we are all completely aware that death exists and that it is all around us, it can be a difficult subject to talk about for most people. Why does it happen? What can we do to help ourselves or others through the grieving process? How do one person's beliefs affect their idea of death differently from another’s? Is there a life after death? Should children be taught about death from early age or should adults hide the truth from them until certain age?

Eating Disorders

What causes an eating disorder? Is it created by the media, who is constantly setting men and women up to unrealistic body images? Or is it simply caused by the person who is constantly ridiculed over how much they do or don’t eat? How can we prevent eating disorders, and how can we ensure that nobody has to feel that they have to destroy their bodies to feel beautiful?


What is feminism? Why do we need it? How are the lives of women better now than they were 50 or 100 years ago? How can we continue to make things better? Feminism is one of those topics that gets as much love as it does hate. You will be able to easily find issues from both sides.

Global Warming

Why do some people believe that global warming is a myth? How serious of a threat is global warming to us and our planet? Are there certain measures we should use to prevent the increase of global warming as a society? What can an individual do to reduce the harm which leads to the global warming?

Hate Groups

What is a hate group? Why do they exist? How do hate groups affect the lives of minorities? Are there certain groups that should be legally classified as a hate group? Are hate crimes a serious problem for the United States, and how can we reduce them?


Has internet made life better or worse for the majority of the people? Does the internet make you more secure, or does it simply put you at risk? How did it change our lives and what are the perspectives?

Life Philosophy

What is the meaning of life? How can the meaning of life be different for different people? Is there a unique answer on life questions for all groups of people?

Mass Media

How has mass media affected the lives of people today? Is there too much violence shown on the media, and if so how can people stop or prevent the violence? Is the rating system out of date, or do you think it is fine where it is? Are there artistic values to the violence that is seen on television? How does mass media affect teenagers and children? Should there be strong censorship in mass media or no?


Are we getting enough healthy nutrition as a country? With diets in which certain nutrients are being cut out becoming popular, is there a universal diet everyone should follow? How do nutrition values differ around the world? What is the most healthy diet and how can you find your own perfect food?


Do ghosts or other spiritual entities exist? Is there any scientific proof of this? Does enough scientific proof exist for it to be considered?

Religion in American Politics

Should America be a religious nation? Why or why not? How religion can affect politics and is it always good?

Terminal illness

Do those who are terminally ill receive proper care? Should the ill be allowed to decide when and how they die?


Is the U.S obligated to give life-long care to veterans? Is counseling or therapy necessary for those who have returned from war?


Are we, as a country too dependent on oil? Should we consider different sources of energy?

Still if you feel passionate about the subject that has not been explored or little known of before– go for it! The core of writing a term paper is to discover something new, while GhostProfessors always ready to offer a backup.

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