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Alice Calch

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Greetings and welcome to my biography!

My name is Alice Calch, and I am a proud lifetime resident of the beautiful state of California. I suppose that I am the typical California native. I love spending time outdoors engaging in physical activity as much as I possibly can.

When I was majoring in Journalism at San Francisco State University, I participated in competitive athletics. These days, I am not quite as competitive, but health and fitness are still important to me. This is why I am an avid participant in Yoga classes, and why working out is a part of my daily routine.

When I am having trouble finding the motivation to get active, I can always count on my buddy, Persey. He is always willing to accompany me on a hike or run. As a dog lover, I cannot imagine life without him, and I volunteer my time at shelters helping other dogs and owners make the same connections.

After I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I realized that I didn’t want to follow a linear career path into print Journalism. My passions and interests were far too varied. I spent some time after college travelling and working at various jobs until I realized that I could live the life I wanted as a freelance writer.

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