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July 09, 2015 - Posted to Study
5 Morning Rituals To Ameliorate Health Weight And Mood

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Are you often tempted to hit the snooze button in hopes to get another few minutes of sleep? Do you skip breakfast in favor of a blissful cup of coffee? It can be difficult to make healthy decisions when you’re still feeling groggy and half asleep. However, did you know that there are actions you can take each morning that can have a noticeable impact on your health, weight, and mood? So, shake the fog out of your head and give these 5 morning rituals a try. If you stick with them, you’ll definitely see some improvements!

Hit the Mini Trampoline

The mini trampoline, also known as a rebounder, was very popular in the eighties for cardio workouts. Then, they fell out of fashion for a couple of decades. Now the rebounder is back and more popular than ever. If you spend just 5 minutes jumping on your rebounder you will:

  • Cause your lymphatic system to work more efficiently

  • Increase your bone density

  • Burn Calories

  • Strengthen Your Core

  • Increase your short term energy level

Drink a Cup of Green Tea with Lemon

There are several reasons to do this. The first is that your body needs hydration first thing in the morning, and green tea provides that just as well as water does. The second is that the lemon aids your body’s ability to benefit from the antioxidants in the green tea. Finally, studies have shown a correlation between drinking green tea with lemon and a reduced risk of cancer.

Eat a Protein Dense Breakfast

When you eat protein in the morning, you will feel fuller longer. Protein, when eaten in combination with carbohydrates will cause the body to digest food at a slower pace, and reduce the risk of any blood sugar spikes. This can reduce the likelihood of your craving sweets or becoming too hungry before lunch. Greek yogurt, protein drinks, eggs, nuts and nut butters, and cheese are all foods that are high in protein and easy to incorporate into breakfast.

Take Ten Minutes to Meditate

Before you take off for the day, take ten minutes to center yourself and meditate. Clear your mind of all the busy thoughts and stressors, and simply concentrate on breathing in and out slowly. As you become more and more relaxed, think positive thoughts about your day, and what you are going to accomplish.

Spend Time With a Pet

If you have a pet, don’t be tempted to simply feed and water it before rushing out the door. Take a few minutes to interact with them. If you have a dog, play a few rounds of fetch with it before you leave for the day. If you have a cat, grab a cat toy and have a little fun before it’s time to head to the office. Your mood will better, you’ll feel more energized, and your pet will feel a little more secure in your absence.

Try Gardening

Gardening is considered as horticultural therapy that promotes the well-being of a person by calming the mind. The whole process of planting helps in developing creative capacity, improves the mood and the overall mental health of a person.

Go for a Brisk Walk or a Short Run

If you do not have time to exercise, going for a short run is the way to go. It will keep your heart healthy and your body in shape. It will also release feel-good endorphins to boost your mood, as well as give you energy for the rest of the day by increasing your circulation.

Talk to a Neighbor

Talk to your neighbors in the morning while you walk your dog or water your plants. Socializing is good for your well-being. Who knows? Socializing like this may even help you find a job after graduation.  You don’t have to gossip about that crazy cat lady down the street, because gossiping can be stressful. A simple positive conversation will not only improve your mood and your social skills, it can also win you a friend.

Read While You Drink Coffee or Tea in the Morning

They say that reading in the morning is one of the many habits of successful people. Staying constantly informed about what is going on can help entrepreneurs and other career-oriented individual stay on top of their game. Bookmark your favourite news site on your laptop or mobile devices and make it a habit to read every morning.

Write Down What You Want to Do Today

Add to that, you can also write all your goals for the day. Writing them down comes with a certain power. It can help you become more efficient, disciplined and productive. You get to plan what to do and how to do your tasks for the day and manage your time wisely.

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