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May 11, 2016 - Posted to Writing
Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

When you’re in college, do as college students do. Now we’re not telling you to take it easy (the way most college students do), but to take it up a notch. You have to work harder in college than you did in high school, as the complexity of the essays will also inevitably change. Even starting with your cause and effect essay topics, you can’t leave anything up to chance. Common thinking has made it a rule that college essays need to sound smarter than high school, so we will comply – because we are conscious college students.

Understanding Cause and Effect Essays

Most of the time, a teacher will either let you choose from their topic list or they will ask you to come up with a topic yourself. The aim of this kind of essay is to explain the reasons (causes) and results (effect) of a certain situation or event.

For example, one event may cause a certain thing to happen, which in turn leads to another event, leaving you with a chain of events that is similar to a domino effect. Good cause and effect essay topics can be found anywhere, because fortunately, the world has never stopped spinning over the last 4 billion years. There may be various points to an incident that caused something. However, when you write an essay, it is recommended that you stick to 2 or 3 major points, separating and organizing them by paragraphs.

There are 3 main patterns of a cause and effect essay topic, which look like this:

  • Multiple Causes – One Effect: In this case, there are more causes that led to a single effect. For example, pollution was caused by uncontrolled factory releases, exhaust car gasses and burning low-quality coal. Each of these causes would get their own paragraph in which you explain your statement.

  • One Cause – Multiple Effects: Just like the previous pattern, these points will also get a paragraph each. The only difference would be that each paragraph would contain the effects rather than the cause. For example, staying on the computer for too long can cause you to go through social seclusion, gain extra weight and develop communication problems.

  • The Domino Event: This particular pattern explains that one event leads to another, leaving us with a chain reaction. For example, a topic such as Chlorofluorocarbon gas-filled deodorants will cause the end of the world would fit this category. Of course, you will have to break it down and offer statistics and examples.

Such an essay needs to have a descriptive language that contains constructions such as since, so, consequently, as a result, and so on, using transitory sequences that will allow the text to flow. Writing on your topics for cause and effect essay will be easy once you have these patterns down.

Topics for Cause and Effect Essay

If you’re a student and need a fix – a topic, that is – this article can give you a few good ideas. Below you will find an interesting cause and effect essay topics list where you will definitely find something to your liking. Here’s what you can choose:

  • Depression and anxiety: These are definitely conditions that spread over the century. What causes either of them? What are the short and long term effects?

  • Obesity: How dangerous is extra weight? Why do so many children keep gaining pounds? Talk about the dangers in your text.

  • Teenage pregnancy: An overall common situation nowadays. You can use any example that you may know of. Try to provide some solutions to this problem.

  • Feminism: Sometimes, this has been a means for women in various countries to gain independence and escape abuse. Talk about that in your essay.

  • Divorce: What causes it? How does it affect the children? Try to provide a sensitive approach – some of your classmates might be in the same boat.

  • Driving without seatbelts: Very popular among drivers everywhere, talk about the disastrous results that can occur if you drive without your seatbelt on.

  • Social media abuse: Talk about how it affects teenagers in the long term.

Coming up with some easy cause and effects topics can be quite tricky; all of them would need some special attention. Subjects may differ depending on the course, but nonetheless, they have one thing in common: the explicatory structure.

Cause and effect essay is probably the most commonly used type of essay by students because of its critical style of organizing and explaining data and ideas based on single, multiple or chain of causes and effects.

The first thing you have to do if you choose to write this type of essay is to choose an interesting topic. If you need ideas on structure and content, you can check this list of great topics for your cause and effect essay. Make sure to choose something that is not broad and you can defend. Provide supporting documents to back up your claims.

If you need a guide, you can follow these tips for writing a cause and effect essay to get you on the right track. We have a team of professionals who have been writing this type of essays for years and can give you some pointers on how to write. You also have an option to get our custom writing services for your essay.  That way you won’t have to waste time researching and writing the essay because we will do it for you. You can take pride in submitting a well-researched and well-written essay to complete your course requirements.

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