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August 28, 2015 - Posted to Writing
Examples of Cause and Effect Essays Structures – They Can Help

Examples of Cause and Effect Essays

If you have never written cause and effect essays, but your professor gave you such task, you should do a research on how to write it first. Studying examples of cause and effect essays will help you to structure your own right. One of the best ways to learn anything is to have a model or to have someone show you how to do something. Being able to then imitate that model helps us to create our own successfully. This is certainly the case with types of essays, because we can see how good ones are structured. And the structure here means a lot. If you have to write a cause and effect essay, there are several different possible structures, so you will want to study sample cause and effect essays of the type you are writing, in order to make sure that yours is organized correctly. Here then are three main structures for cause and effect essays that you should know.

The Causes Only Essay

There are lots of courses for which this type of essay may be assigned. The objective here is to choose a topic that is a single phenomenon, such as climate change, poverty, or voter apathy or an event, such as the Vietnam War, and to discuss the causes of that condition or event. In this type of essay, your introduction should contain the thesis statement that contains your topic (the effect) and the causes. Thus, you might write something like, “Voter apathy is caused by a general feeling that it no longer matters who is elected to office in this country.” Now in this instance, you will need to then break down this “general feeling” into parts for your body paragraphs – politicians are controlled by those who have funded their campaigns; there is so much partisanship nothing can get accomplished; etc. Your conclusion, if you think this is bad situation, would be to pose solutions or provide some type of call to action. You can also include your own opinion on the problem and what you personally do to solve it, if the problem is current. To get a better idea of structural format, read a cause and effect essay example or two that presents causes only.

The Effects Only Essay

The effects essay can be assigned in just as many courses. Topics might be the effects of obesity on individuals and society, the effects of climate change, or the effects of poverty. Thus you have taken a phenomenon, event, or situation and will address not what caused it but, instead, that it is the cause of other things. A thesis statement in your introduction might read, “Climate change is responsible for gradual warming of our temperatures, a rise in ocean levels, and more extreme weather events.” Each paragraph, then, will address one of these effects. Make sure you have chosen solid arguments and facts. Again, in your conclusion, you may wish to pose solutions or calls to action.

The Cause and Effect Essay

This essay type will become a bit more complex and certainly lengthier. You will need to choose the best topic for cause and effect essay (phenomenon, situation, event, etc.) and address first of all the causes, and then the effects. If we take the topic of climate change, for example, your thesis statement will present both the causes and the effects of climate change, and you will need a paragraph for each cause, a short transitional paragraph to climate change as a cause, and then additional paragraphs, each of which will discuss one effect. There are other structures for such an essay as well, and you might want to study examples of a cause and effect essays of this type in order to understand the optional patterns you may use. It is important to choose the right structure for a specific essay.

When an Example is Not Enough

Many cause and effect essays require research, so that you have the data and information to “prove” your causes or effects. This will prolong the amount of time it will take to produce such an essay. And studying an example of a cause and effect essay may not be enough to allow you to produce one that meets your instructor’s expectations. If you are out of time or frustrated with your efforts, you can get professional paper assistance from the stellar writers at at any time. Get in contact with our support team and they will help you with everything – from choosing a topic to writing and proofreading. Remember, that the cause and effect essay is very important for your studies and you should take it seriously.

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