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July 31, 2015 - Posted to Writing
Great Examples of College Essay Topics for College Students

Great Examples of Essay Topics for English 101

During their first year of college, nearly every freshman will take English 101 or an equivalent class. The purpose of this class is to help students develop writing skills that they will use in their other classes until they graduate.

In order to make this happen, students are given a variety of essay and research paper assignments throughout the duration of the class. Because there are so many writing assignments, it can be difficult to come up with college essay topics that are interesting for students.

Fortunately, there are a variety of good essay topics that are especially useful for first year English students these range from research essay topics to personal essay topics.

In the sections below, we have categorized and listed some great examples of essay topics for use by college freshmen. At the same time, we offer not only great topics and prompts, but also help from some of the best writers in the world.

Great Example Essay Topics for Freshmen Research Papers

Nearly every English 101 class has at least one research paper assignments. Here are a few research paper topic ideas that students can use as they practice improving their writing skills. These topics are not very complicated. This is by design, because it is important for students to focus on writing improvement as much as they focus on the subject.

  • What is your favorite food and how is it made? Research the production of your favorite treat.

  • What are the three major causes of students dropping out of college?

  • Research the history of the oldest building on campus.

  • Is it safer to ban freshmen from keeping cars on campus?

  • Which college majors are likely to result in high paying jobs?

A Problem Solution Essay Topics List

Here are some problem solution essay topic ideas that will allow students to come up with potential solutions to small problems, while also working on developing their writing skills.

  • What are some solutions for a student who has difficulty waking up in the morning?

  • How can students insure that they are studying enough for each class?

  • What are some strategies for a student who is struggling in a class?

  • How should a student reduce the time they spend on social media?

Topics for an Essay on Personal Narratives

Personal topics are particularly easy for freshmen to use when writing essays. They can be written from the first person, require little or no research, and can be written fairly quickly. Here are some essay topic ideas for this writing category:

  • What was your move to campus housing like?

  • Describe the way you felt when you received your acceptance letter to college?

  • Do you play a sport, what makes you passionate about it?

  • What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

  • What was the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

These essays help students learn to use vivid and descriptive language. Here are a few topic ideas:

  • Describe the house in which you grew up

  • Describe your first car

  • Describe your 10th birthday party

  • Describe your last meal

  • Describe  your ideal vacation

Compare/Contrast Essay Ideas

This is another common essay assigned to first year English students. Here are a few essay ideas:

  • Compare the coaching styles of an NBA coach and a college basketball coach

  • Compare and contrast a hamburger cooked at home and a fast food hamburger

  • Compare and contrast life as a college student and life as a high school student

  • Compare life as a student today with life of a student 100 years ago

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Students write cause and effect essays to explore ways in which one event can trigger another. Here are a few examples:

  • Explore the causes of the civil war

  • What are the effects of cramming for a test

  • Write about the effects of childhood obesity

  • What causes college freshmen to struggle with school

Choosing a topic is the first and most important step in writing an essay or research paper. Usually, most professors can predict the outcome of the research paper or essay based on the chosen topic. The broader the topic, the harder it is to write it. Not to mention the research and relevant documents that the students have to provide to support the topic and their arguments. It is best to choose an interesting topic that is specific and easier to develop.

Aside from the type, style, and structure, the choice of words or vocabulary also plays an important role in a well-written essay.  Students should also take into consideration the difference between American English and British English when writing. Students usually commit a common mistake of mixing words from each origin, thinking they mean the same.

One thing you can expect from getting our service is accuracy and coherence. If you are searching for interesting topics or thinking of getting our services, you should checkout the site or contact us for more examples of essays. Read through them and you can also learn the difference between UK and USA in terms of how the words are used and their corresponding meaning.

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