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July 27, 2015 - Posted to Writing
Samples of Essay for College

Samples of Essays for College

Essay writing is nothing new for students. They have been doing it since 6th or 7th grade. And each year, the topic become a bit more complex, and each year the expectations for grammar, style, vocabulary, and organization get tougher. By the time college rolls around, students are expected to have pretty much mastered essay writing of all types and purposes. This can be a challenge for the student who has not necessarily mastered writing skills to the level of expectation, but there is help “out there.”

Two Types of College Essay Writing

When the term “college essay” is used, it really can mean two very different things – it can mean the essay(s) that student must write as part of their college application packages or it can mean the essay assignments that student receive once they get into college. So, let’s talk about both types.

The College Admissions Essay

Nothing can make a student more nervous than having to write an essay for college admission. S/he has no idea of the competition and, in fact, has no idea how to organize and create a piece of writing that will really impress the admissions decision-makers. In most instances, students will be provided with some essay prompts that relate to their personal lives – their values, experiences that have impacted them significantly, the activities that have developed their leadership skills, etc. So, in essence, these essays are going to be personal narratives that show how they have become who they are today.

The first piece of advice for any student faced with the admissions essay is to get online and look for college admissions essay examples. If, for example, you will be writing an essay for the Common Application, you should know that the essay prompts have not changed in the past four years, and they will probably continue to be the same for the next several years to come. So, if you want to find sample college essays that have been considered excellent, on any of the prompts, you will have no difficulty.

Study the examples that you find. See how students with winning essays have:

  • Opened those essays with a great one-liner or an anecdote that immediately caught your attention. You will want to do the same thing. It is probably the most important think to make an exciting beginning. It will define the reader’s attitude to a whole paper and can either nail it or fail it.
  • Began each paragraph with a statement that told you exactly what would be in that paragraph, and ended that paragraph whetting you appetite for the one to come. It is important to keep a reader interested in what will become next.
  • Stuck precisely to the topic, never getting off track. You should write only important information and be laconic in what you are trying to say.
  • Gave a conclusion that referred back to the great opener or spoke to the lasting impact of whatever they had chosen as their topic.

Reviewing these examples of college essays that obviously were impressive and memorable in the eyes of admissions committees will certainly go a long way toward helping you out. If, however, you have any concerns whatsoever – about your ability to be creative and engaging; about your ability to write with impeccable grammar and style – you need to seek for professional help. This essay is just too important to risk mediocrity!

You’re In – Now the New Challenges of Essay Writing

Essay writing takes on a whole new flavor in college. First, you will get them as assignments in almost every course; second, the topics will become far more complex and you will often be required to conduct some solid research before you can begin to write. There will be a lot of different types of essays that you will have to write, and each one of them has its own requirements and peculiarities. And the expectations for your composition skills will be high in every course, not just English comp. Finding college essay examples online for the types of essay assignments you will receive, in specific content fields, will be extremely helpful. For example, suppose you have been given an assignment for a persuasive essay on the topic of the new Asian trade agreement which Obama negotiated and which Congress recently approved. You have been asked to take a position in favor or against this agreement and to support it for a global economics class. If you can get online and find an example of an essay on the topic, you will be able to see exactly how it was developed and get excellent ideas for your own composition. But you should have your own position and use this example as a guide on how to structure your paper. You don’t have to use the same arguments and examples. Remember that every essay is personal and it is important to be able to prove your point of mind.

One of the issues that often hits college students is trying to recall exactly the varying format styles required for specific essay writing. Indeed, students may receive instructions from their professors that run contrary to any formats they have used in the past. Being able to locate an essay format sample that demonstrates these new requirements can be invaluable.

Good essay examples abound on the Internet, and students should utilize these as resources for their writing whenever they are unsure of organization, essay formats, or style. And, as always, if they continue to experience difficulty in any aspect of essay production, contacting a professional writing service like is a smart idea.

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