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January 18, 2016 - Posted to Study
The Definition Essay – See How Easy it Can Be

See How Easily You Can Write Definition Essay

How do you define friendship? What are the key elements that “mark” friendship? Would someone else define friendship in the same way as you? Probably not. But if you are writing an essay on the definition of friendship, you can only use your experiences and your background to define it. Definition essays are personal above all else.

A definition essay does not have to be a struggle, if you understand the basics of what you must do to produce one. And those basics are not that difficult. We at Ghost Professors decided to share them with you. Check out the tips we’ve got to write a perfect definition essay.

  1. You need to understand and follow the common college essay formats that you follow for any type of essay you write – an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. They should be connected in a logical way and complete one another.
  2. You need to pick a word or term for definition that has 3 or more facets you can speak to, that you have had personal experience with, and that interests you.

Steps in the Definition Essay Process

  1. Pick the word or term you plan to define. Understand that if you have a broad choice, such as you might in an English course, you will want to find an abstract term, not a finite thing. There is nothing new or exciting about defining a dishwasher, a dog, or a shopping mall. These are topics for descriptive, explanatory, or narrative essays. Choose something that is different for everybody and very subjective.
  2. Take a look at definition essay examples so that you get an idea how they are structured and developed. Usually, you will find that an introduction presents the word/term to be defined and the components of that word or term.
  3. Do some brainstorming to get a list of all of the components or elements of the word/term you are defining. You can also try mindmapping at this stage.
  4. Combine, eliminate, and refine your list to 3-4 of what you consider the most important components or elements. Focus on them instead of simple numbering of all the elements without explanation.
  5. Write your body paragraphs – one paragraph for each of the 3 or 4 elements. Support every statement with examples and reliable proofs.
  6. Prepare an engaging introduction that begins with a great “hook,” presents the term, and gives your thesis statement regarding the elements that you think are key to defining the term.
  7. Wrap up your essay with a great conclusion that states your thesis in another way.

Some Topic Examples

  1. Peace: Is peace the total and complete absence of conflict of any kind? Is there a difference between international, national, and personal peace? What are the 3-4 key elements for personal peace?
  2. Success: What does success mean to you? Is it a great career, lots of money, or fame? Or does it mean following your dreams, taking risks, and learning from failures? Your definition of success will definitely not be the same that many others have. Remember, definition essays are personal. You can describe how did you find your college for graphic design for example and how it helped you to suceed.
  3. Morality: What is moral to you will definitely not be what is moral to others. Choose 3-4 elements that constitute morality to you and expound on them. Don’t be afraid to express your personal opinion. There are no right answers to this and many other questions.
  4. Family: Here is a term that has certainly evolved over time. What is your meaning of the term family – blood relationships? Close community of friends? A traditional family unit? Extended or newer makeups of “family”? What do you think about childfree-movement?
  5. Justice: Is justice found in equal consequences for all or in a more situational environment? You will need to support your opinions with specific examples.
  6. Freedom: Does freedom mean that you always just get to do what you want or does freedom have a larger context within which we all must operate so that we do not deny freedom to others?

Getting Some Help

If you do not have a lot of experience with crafting definition essays, you may struggle a bit at first. If, however, you have a deadline looming and you are running out of time; if you know what you want to say but cannot translate those thoughts to the written word; if you are frustrated in any way about creating a definition essay, then Ghost Professors can assist you.

All you need to do is place an order with us for your definition essay. Provide the term or let us choose one for you, and give us all of the other requirements of your instructor/professor. We will find the perfect writer who will confidentially craft the essay and deliver it to you on time. It’s easy and foolproof!

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