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August 07, 2015 - Posted to Writing
Tips on Staying Motivated in Spite of Obstacles and Failures

How to Stay Motivated

When you are trying to achieve a goal, motivation means everything. When you lose motivation, you are in danger of failing to meet your goal. There are two things that can sap your motivation, obstacles and failures. Obstacles are the things that can stop you from making and continuing progress towards your goals. Failures are what happens when your efforts don’t go according to plan. It can be extremely disheartening to run into either a failure or obstacle when trying to achieve an important goal. Fortunately, there are ways to stay motivated in spite of obstacles and failures. So, instead of letting setbacks undermine you, why not try some of these tips for staying motivated in spite of obstacles and failures.

Get Started First. Then set Goals.

This probably seems backwards.  Shouldn’t people set goals from the get go? This does seem logical, but there is something else to consider. This thing is enthusiasm. On one hand, enthusiasm is a great thing that helps you stay motivated. On the other hand, enthusiasm, especially as you start working towards a goal can cause you to set unrealistic goals for yourself. These unrealistic goals can lead to failure. If you want to avoid this, let yourself get into the routine of things, and then set realistic goals.  Think about joining a gym. You may be excited about this initially, which will cause you to set goals for yourself that are impossible to meet. You might set a goal to go to the gym every day because you are so enthusiastic. If you go to the gym for a few days, and then set goals, you will have a more realistic picture. This is the time to set goals. Apart from getting research paper help online, you have the following options:

Learn to See Successes within Failures

When you are unable to reach a goal, there is no need to feel like a failure. Instead, try looking at things from another perspective. What did you accomplish while you were trying to reach your initial goal? Maybe your goal was to paint an oil painting on canvas. Just because you did not accomplish this, doesn’t mean that you didn’t accomplish anything of value. You might have learned about blending colors, choosing a subject to paint, or brush techniques. Don’t lose sight of these accomplishments.

Find a Partner

Accomplishing any goal is easier if you have a friend working with you. Find a partner who is encouraging, fun to work with, and who is trying to accomplish the same goals that you are trying to accomplish. When you fail or stumble, your partner can help you put that into perspective and keep going. You can even get a small team on your side like team of GhostProfessors in terms of writing.

Don’t Allow Negative Self Talk

Never refer to yourself as a failure. Speaking negatively to and about yourself is absolutely unnecessary, and it just gets in your way when you are trying to accomplish a goal.

Have a Sense of Humor

When you face a setback or a roadblock, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to maintain a sense of humor about yourself and about the situation that you are in. Your sense of humor will provide you with the ability to avoid taking yourself so seriously. The result of this attitude is that you will feel better about challenging yourself and taking risks in order to accomplish something worthwhile.

Read Inspirational Stories

The world is full of people who have accomplished amazing things during the worst of times. Nelson Mandela endured decades in a prison cell and still did amazing things for South Africa. Stephen Hawking battles Motor Neuron disease today that should have killed him years ago and still makes scientific contributions. If nothing else motivates you, these stories should.

Post Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes exist because people extract them from motivational speeches of famous people or from poems, stories, movies or anything that is thought provoking. They are relatable phrases that usually struck people’s emotions, and remind them to believe.

There are different quotes for different situations. For instance, there are those to help you be focused in class when you feel like you’re failing. If you lost a loved one or even if you need to go on a diet, reading quotes can help empower you. Pick those that fit. Those that make you think and push you.

Print it out and post it where you can see it. It can be on your mirror so you can see it before you start your day or just make it your phone wallpaper as a constant reminder of why you have to keep going.

Always Think Why You Started

Sometimes it’s really hard to draw motivation especially when all things seem to be going south, but always remember why you stated at the first place. It can take you back to that place and time when you felt so excited to start working towards your goals. It can redirect your focus to what truly matters and the possibilities when you achieve them.

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