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August 10, 2015 - Posted to Study
Visual Content you should be using in the next 12 Months

What You should Definately Use This Season

You already know that a highly-creative visual content is attention grabbing and appealing to consumers. Chances are that you are already using visual content at least to some extent in your marketing efforts. Maybe you have posted a few informative videos on you tube, or you’ve begun inserting images in your blog posts to make things pop. At the very least, you’ve added pictures and video to your website. The question now is, how will visual content factor into your marketing strategy over the next year? If you aren’t sure where your focus should be, we do have a few recommendations for you. We have divided things up into two categories. The first is visual content considerations in marketing (b2b and b2c). The second is visual content considerations in social media.

Proven Visual Content Applications in Marketing Strategy

The most notable thing in this area is the significant drop in popularity of whitepapers as a b2b marketing tool and the increase of visual content in b2b marketing strategies. In fact, the five most commonly used b2b marketing techniques used today utilize visual content. These are blogs, live events, webinars, videos, and case studies. While this shift is the most significant, it is certainly not the only change that should grab your attention. If you are a b2c marketer, you might want to hone your creative skills. While visual content has been big in this space for years, the new shift is from shared visual content to original visual content. This includes videos, pictures, and infographics. Speaking of infographics, chances are you’ll see your competitors using memes and infographics in their marketing efforts more than ever over the next 12 months. Infographics and memes are a great way to appeal to a younger demographic who have been utilizing both for years for purposes ranging from humor to political activism. Proceed with caution though, this younger demographic can smell a lack of authenticity a mile away. Finally, you’ll want to consider incorporating interactive visual content into your marketing strategy.

Boosting Your Social Strategy by Using Visual Content

There is absolutely zero doubt at this point that using visual content in social media results in higher levels of engagement, more shares, and an increased likelihood of your content going viral. If you’ve resisted putting much visual content in your social media postings, now is the time to change directions. Your competitors are doing it, and they are getting great results. Here are a few steps that you can take and why they will increase the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

  • Add images to your tweets and watch the number of retweets you receive increase more than 2x.

  • Are you looking to increase engagement? Major brands have noted that Facebook posts with images result in the most engagement by far.

  • Add a photo URL to your tweets and retweets will go up by nearly a third.

  • Use photos and images to optimize your social media content.

A highly creative content makes an effective marketing strategy. Experts usually use this to drive traffic to websites and turn readers into potential consumers. However, it takes more than a viral content to consider one as effective. Targeting a certain demographic requires a thorough study on their consumer behaviors according to age, lifestyle and other statistical analysis of a particular group.

Knowledge in dissertation writing is expected of students in the field of marketing and advertising. Dissertation writing is much like writing a research paper; the structure and methodology are just a little different.

Parts include:

  • Introduction or overview: The introduction or a review states how you come up with your topic and how you would go about discussing it.

  • Methodology: Your methodology should be an essay-sized explanation of the tools and methods you’ll be using to give the readers the general idea how you did it.

  • Research findings: The presentation of your gathered data, case studies and supporting evidences to back up your claims and arguments.

  • Discussion: This is how you combine all three – topic arranged in a logical method with all the information and supporting documents.

  • Conclusions and recommendation: This chapter includes your thoughts and own ideas about what was already presented in the discussion chapter. Your reflections and recommendations about further practice should also be stated here.

  • Bibliographic references: All information regarding where you got all your references from should be stated here.

How you organize your dissertation paper and how you provide support to your research count. If you need to know the basic guidelines and read some work, checkout our best dissertation writing samples online. This is for the basic study of market and marketing principles.

Next is the creative input. Students in this field should be creative enough to be able to create campaigns that sell. They should be able to keep up with the latest trend to create something that can match the current hype. Mastering this can be an advantage once they enter the real world o marketing. Students should practice their creativity by testing and putting their ideas into action also increase students’ productivity.

The whole process is a great learning activity as you incorporate everything into your marketing strategy by putting theories into practice, and turning a creative idea into an engaging content. If everything still seems like a blur and you think you might be needing some help, you can contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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